Hello All & Thanks for letting me in with my questions.I have two questions I ned help with :

1) I have a five foot deep well with that is 5 foot diameter and 4.5 foot static water heighth. I am pumping it with a Jacuzzi pump that is very ancient. Switch is at 45/65 PSI. Lately flow is less and less and figure that the pump nedds replaced. I would like to replace it with a submersible 2 wire pump - i have read other forums that say it would be ok to place a sub on its side if it's inside a 4" pvc sleeve. I don't care to stay with jet pumps due to noise and the fact that it's better to push than pull - What do you recommend ?

2) I have new 3/4" pvc out of the tank - into a conditioner 3/4" in / out - out of the conditioner the 3/4" forms a trunk line from one end of my basement to the other. At one end the 3/4" is necked to 1/2" then 3/8" at sinks - At the other end the 3/4" trunk is necked to 1/2" to go to the 2nd floor bathroom. When someone is in the shower and someone else opens the faucet on the first floor kitchen sink, the person looses almost all water - with only one tap open anywhere pressure is excellent. What needs done to eliminate the slow down in the shower ? The trunk line (cold) also feeds the hot water tank - then the hot water tank - 3/4" in and out - feeds the trunk right along with the cold - Need help with the flow - The shower is connected directly to the 1/2" - no 3/8" supply lines like at the sinks and commodes - What do you suggest ?
Thanks in advance