I have a tank that is about 25 gallons and needs to be filled with a Hydrofluoric acid solution. I have been looking for two seperate pumps; one to dispense concentrated HF into a small (2 gal) container and another to empty the 25 gal tank after the acid has been neutralized.

Because HF is so corrosive the first pump must not have any wetted materials that are not polypropylene, polyethylene, or a similar plastic. Also, it is vitally important that this pump dispenses the acid at a rate that will not put bystanders in danger of splashing or spraying. For this application I have been looking into peristaltic pumps, and have nearly selected a Masterflex pump with a variable flow rate of up to 3.5 GPM.

The second pump will be transferring the neutralized acid, so corrosion resistance and safety are not as crucial. However, the fluid should not be spraying everywhere and some level of corrosion resistance is desired. I have been looking into different centrifugal pumps, but am not sure if this type of pump will suit my purpose. I am looking for a flow rate of 10-20 GPM.

I am wondering if I am on the right track. Will the 3.5 GPM peristaltic pump be safe and effective, and will a larger centrifugal pump empty the tank as desired?