Our well is about 300 feet deep and about 23 years old. We started having decreased pressure after a local water well company installed an external water softener. The water pressure improved somewhat after we had them disconnect the water softener, but gradually got worse and worse over the years. The faucet at the tank (just past the tank) will blow your hand away, even when hooked to a hose that is much longer than the short distance to the house, yet the first external faucet (where the water line enters the house) has very little pressure and puts out grossly discolored water when first turned on. The internal faucets have slightly better pressure, but only if one is running at a time. If you try running more than one faucet, the pressure is reduced to a trickle or no water at all. I'm guessing that the water line between the house and the well is clogged with iron deposits, but can find no resources on how to unclog the lines. I've heard of people "shocking" their wells with chlorine tablets or even Clorox, but can't find anyone who knows how to do this. Can you hook me up with someone locally who can help?