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Thread: I am new with water wells, I need your advice

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    I am new with water wells, I need your advice

    I am replacing the pump and tank in my house and I have no knowledge of what type of pump or tank to get or how much to spend.

    How do I know what size of tank or pump to buy? I have seen homes with green, blue and even metal color tanks, is there a difference in the quality or material? How do I choose a company to install the new equipment?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    For us to help you, we will need the specs on your Well. The depth, water level in the well, diameter of the casing and the intended use.

    If you don't know any or all of these things, you could look at what you have now and replace it with the same equipment. This however doesn't mean the old equipment was properly sized or applied.

    What do you know so far?


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