We own the first, second & third floor (Top floor) of an apartment block. Another family lives on the ground floor. We lift our water from the municipal lines twice a day and store for our requirement in 3000 liter storage tanks on the top of the third floor. Till now the water supply was based on gravity and the pressure was abysmal.

We have recently over-hauled the plumbing and replaced the traditional - GI pipe +trunk and branch style with PEX + homerun with Manabloc. We now want to install a boosting system that will be connected to and installed adjacent to the overhead tanks and will push water down through the pipes at the desired pressure. We have 4 full baths, 1 half bath and 2 kitchens.

I have the following pressure boosting set up in mind –

A centrifugal pump that draws the water from the tanks and pushes into the lines as well as the pressure tank (60 ltrs = 16 gallons approx).
The pump to be managed by a pressure switch possibly “square D”.
A CSV valve if that will help.

Would appreciate any advice on the following –
Do I need a normal centrifugal pump for boosting pressure or do I need to look for something better?
What is the ideal pressure that one should aim for in the faucets/shower?
What is the csv model that i should be looking at..? I would prefer something i can adjust if needed.

Thanks for any consideration that you will choose to show my post...

rgds, stonedsufi