Hi All,

Iím new to the forum and green as can be when it comes to pumps and pump systems so please bare with me.

I am in the process of trying to come up with a system so I donít have to haul water for our livestock this winter. Currently they get their water from the creek but we will be penning a few animals at times and hauling water is getting old real fast.

So here is my idea. I have an old in ground cistern about 150 feet from the barn that I was planning on filling with rain water off the barn though 4Ē corrugated piping. Now getting the water out is where I need the help. I was planning on using 1Ē pipe from the cistern to yard hydrants located back at the barn. I have 2 hydrants in mind but want to be able to expand if I need to.

I have no electricity out there and use a generator when I need power out there. So Iím wondering what would be the better what to goÖ solar or electric and what recommendations would you make on pump size. Also, would I need a pressure tank. I need to be able to keep things from freezing as well as I live in Southern Indiana.

Thanks for any suggestions!