I am pleased to find this forum. I Have a 1 1/2 hp Ruth Berry Pump, single apx.80-100gal. tank that has two pipes going to the bottom of the well. I believe it is a jet pump. The water is at 29 feet from the top of the casing and the water depth is 37 feet so appx. 8 feet of water in the pipe the best I can tell with a weight and flex tape measure. This well has not been started in 15 years and the tank has set empty. I can see moderate rust inside thru the discharge fitting but I expected that and we are not going to be drinking the water. Is there any thing I need to do before attempting to prime the tank. I did squirt penatrating oil on the motor shaft and put some 30wt oil in the end of the motor and letting it set over night.
How can I tell if the hole got silted in or not with out starting it and if so how can I pump out the silt/sand or gravel. This is kinda long but I wanted you to know what I know so far. Any help is great.
My Grandfather had this well put in about 40 years ago and it has been a good well as far as I remember but not used for the last 15years.