I just purchased a shallow well 3/4 hp jet pump. It is hooked to a sand point,(the sand point has been in service for about 3 years) the water table is about 12 feet and the bottom of the point is at 19'. The pump is set to come on at 30#'s and off at 50#'s. The vacuum guage reads about 27#'s when the pump turns on at 30#'s and remains there until the tank pressure is above 40#'s and then the vacuum reading falls steadly to about 25#'s of vaccuum before the pump shuts off at 50#'s of pressure. The amount water discharged between 50#s and 30#'s is 6 gallons before the pump turns on. The suction line is 1 1/4" and pressure line is 1 inch. It takes the pump about 3 minutes to go from 30 to 50 #'s. If I open a 3/4" hose bib while the pump is running it delivers about 6 gallons per minute. Now my question.... The pump is supposed to deliver 12 gallons per minute. Do you think that I have a problem with a plugged sand point or are the figures I stated normal and if so what does the 12 gpm rating mean? P.S. this is a Meyers pump

Thanks in advance,