I have a shallow well 1 HP jet pump (National Beta-Flo) the well has a 2" casing with 1.25" suction line with 8' of PVC sand screen (not from the BiigBox Store either) The well is 35' with a static water level of 14' to 16'. The well is in a good supply of water. While jetting it down it would suck up all the water I could supply to it. Have a elbow on suction line to pump with a run of about 2.5 feet. I hyave tryed to prime pump several times with no results. I connected a garden hose to the suction line and primed pump and all went well. But it will not prime when connected to the well. Could I have a leak some were? I checked for leaks but did not find any. I also ran water down the suction line befor connecting the pump. I also pump out the well before hand with a gas pump. Can some one give me any advise?