I am new to the forum, and have been searching through the previous posts, but have not found my particular situation.

We have lake property in Northern MN that has no electricity (except generator) and no septic system (means can't hook up water to a sink). No plans for winter water and will drain the system.

Current plan is to use generator to run electric pump (which one?) to move water from the lake to a storage container. Pump will be located at the shore (if sprinkler type) or submersible. Lift height is no more than 50-60 feet (tank on tower)and horizontal distance is about 200 ft. Will use gravity feed to hose outside cabin to use Lake water for washing and showering (outdoor).

I don't believe a pressure tank will work with a jet pump because we will NOT be running the generator constantly. Eventually, we may have solar, but due to no septic will probably continue the gravity feed system.

Thanks for any insight.