I have a dug well I've used for drip irrigation. It hasn't been used for years. The pump is shot. I decided to try replacing the pump, tank and intake pipe myself. I have a few basic questions.

The well interior is 3 feet in diameter. It is beautifully cased in 5" thick concrete. The casing extends 4' above ground and 18' below ground. The water is around 4' - 5' deep right now, and it would drop a few feet this time of year in California if it were being used. There is a hole through the side of the casing for the intake pipes to run out to the pump. The pipe hole is about 3 feet above ground. So the distance from the pump intake to the water right now is about 14 - 15 feet.

The well had an old Sears jet pump. I pulled the old intake pipes - PVC and steel. There were 2 and they were connected to a heavy brass jet? at the bottom. I'll replace the pipes with a single PVC pipe, because I picked up a Flotec jet pump a friend recommended, and it only needs one pipe.

At the bottom of the well is a very fine sand. It seems like clay to me. You can form a ball with it. It compacts real well and the sand particles feel fine, but you do feel a grit between your fingers.

So thanks for your patience and here are my questions!

- The Flotec manual doesn't say if I should use a foot valve. Do I need one, or do I use a check valve?

- It doesn't say how I should terminate the intake pipe at the bottom of the well. What do I put on the end of the pipe? Is the size of the sand particles a consideration?

- Will the pipe and whatever is on the end just sit on the bottom or do I drive it some distance into the bottom?

- The old PVC was sch 40. Is that what I should use as a replacement?

Those are all my questions for now. Thanks in advance for any advice.