When it rains my yard floods a considerable amount. It mainly floods around the house and over my septic. I currently am using Two sump pumps to pump water out of the yard. This set up i'm using is just a temp solution. Both pumps will pump all the ater out,but it is a very slow process.I purchased the house last summer when it was dry and the flooding was not decleared. With winter coming back in a few months I need to make a more permanent solution. Does anyone have any suggestions on what size and kind of pump,and piping to use? By the way both pumps being used are at opposite ends of the yard,but both end up pumping into the same location. (small pond).When we get alot of rain both sumpumps pump for days straight at a time. I'm afraid I will be replaceing pumps all the time. I also have freezing temperatures to deal with in the winter also. Thanks for any help!