Hello, I have a 1/2hp myers pump hooked up to a well mate pressure tank. From pump it runs to a in house filter(small one) bend to a check valve and then out of the house to a burried 1500 gallon water holding tank all pipe is copper 1" In april we had snow runoff enter our holding tank filling it with murky water. this was fixed. We were told to just run it through the system till the tank was empty, which we did. My concern now is that the pump will hold pressure but it takes 10 minutes or more to go from 20psi to 40psi. It seems to hover at 25 for most of that time. Only thing Ive done is try to mess with priming it more and seeing if that would work. We also get some air bubbles in the water and sometimes violent sputters from when we turn the faucet on, or flush the toilet.

any help would be appreciated