Have a Franklin 1.5 hp control box. when pump has been off for a while, run water cycles down to turn pump on (40 psi) motor trips reset button. Try to reset 10-20 times in a row then finnally comes back on line. when pump is running runs great. i have to run irrig if i want pump to stay on (it wont reach 65 psi when irrig is on) to take shwers and wash cloths. i recently received info on testing amps and ohms at control box from Franklin Electric. I am electricly challenged. I am going to hire professional Master Electrician to test above mentioned. I have posted similar problem before but not much luck since, it seems to be getting worse by the week. I find it very strange that once its on it runs like a champ, but once it shuts its self off (65 psi) it occasionally wont reengage. Have I missed something? Any help is appreciated.

1.5 hp pump Brand unknown
1.5 hp Franklin Electric control box
35 gallon diapragm tank (A.O. smith)
pressure switch set at 40 psi and 65 psi
have 30 amp breaker in panel ran with 10-3 220 wire to control box and the same to well head
well approx. 400 feet deep[B)]