I live in south coastal georgia and plan to wash down 2" pvc to create a shallow well for watering the yard. If the static water level is 25' or less I'll drop a 1.25" pvc pipe with a screen, remove the 2" pvc and use a 1hp shallow well pump I already have. My questions start if the static level is more the 25'. My reading tells me a two drop deep well jet pump requires a 4" case and a one drop can use a 2" case. With a one drop deep well jet pump I beleive I can use the 2" pvc case that was washed in to create the well with a 1.25" inside pipe for the jet. My question is, if I use the 2" pvc as the case should it have a screen installed? Also, can you recommnend any articles detailing the deep well jet pump installation?