I have a 4" well with a submersible Franklin Elect 1/2 hp pump.230 volt 2 wire. My 20 gal tank is leaking. System is only 9 yrs old. I would like to redo and add a lawn sprinkler system. Can't seem to get any well contractors to return calls. So I thought I would do it instead. My well is 41 ft deep with 24ft of water in pipe and located 8ft from house. Water pressure could be a little better also. We have three full baths, kitchen with dishwasher and four outside spigots. Lawn size 150' x 250' with 1500 sq ft house in the middle. I was told by sprinkler designer to install 1 hp pump and increase tank to 36 gal. This would handle it. My question is: does this sound right to you? Also when I pull the pump do I just reconnect to the new one and drop in? Some one said check screen at bottom of well, I don't undersatnd what they mean. Isn't screen built into pump? Thanks for the help. bdrich