I've got a in well pump supplying two seasonal homes. Connected, in line from the well, I have my 35/50 pressure switch, a iron breaker water treatment tank, then into a spliter sending each of the two legs into seperate bladered holding tanks for each building. I have a problem with my presure switch bouncing when it gets within 7-8 lbs. to the shut off pressure. I think my problem is in the water treatment tank, maybe it's position in the system. I remember in the discription of how it operates. It says something about the tank holding a bubble of compressed air at the top of the tank. (this system takes out iron and the sulfur smell) With basiclly air in the system, the water pressure bounces back and forth, causing the switch problem. How would I connect this to my system and isolate it from the pressure switch? I've turned off the water to the second building and I still have the problem. When I bypass the treatment tank and the holding tank, the switch works ok.(so I know the line from the well, into the switch in good)
Any help would be appreciated, this is driving me nuts!!