I am having an issue with water pressure at my cottage. The system seems to be having difficulty in building up pressure. I have a 3/4 HP shallow well pump and 20 gallon pressure tank mounted in a shed by the lake. The pressure switch is set at 30/50. The intake is approximately 10 feet (head) below the pump. The cottage is approximately 50 feet above the lake.

The system was installed last year and worked fine then. The issue is noticeable when someone takes a shower the water pressure falls to less than 20 PSI and the water barley trickles out of the shower head. When this happens the pump runs continuously and I have to turn the power to the pump on and off to build the pressure up. Under low water usage the pressure switch seems to work fine in that it turns on at 30 PSI and shuts off at 50 PSI but it take a long time to build the pressure up to 50 PSI.

The system does not lose pressure when not in use.

Any ideas as to what the issue may be? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.