Lots of detail here... Artesian well, front pump house that pumps from well to Aerator. Middle pump that draws from aerator and pumps to three houses. We're new home owners and are trying figure this out... The front pump was dead, but we were able to fill the aerator tank with the pressure alone from the well. No rain recently... welcome to spring in Florida... so we replaced the pump, and added a bladder tank as well. The pump was primed, we plugged it in, everything worked well, then, even with all faucets closed, the pressure switch keeps firing over and over. Meanwhile the pressure gauge goes spastic while the switch fires. We've bled the lines, checked the air pressure on bladder tank (started at 40 psi, then tried at 28). The pressure switch was supposed to be preset at 30 on, 50 off. The switch continues to fire even with the aerator full and the ball **** closed.
Any ideas???
Thanks in advance.