I have searched for lit on these boxes but have come up short. Here is the box i have: 282 300 81 1.5 Hp 1.1 kW kW 1P 230 60 Standard Control Box made by Franklin Electric. on the front side after you remove lid there are five wires left to right. as i test each wire left to right against a ground i get 120 volts forthe first 4 wires but the last wire on the right i am getting 266 volts? this lead is the red wire going to my pump itself. it also has two leads on bottom going to a relay and another to run solenoid. Why ais ig getting 266 volts? especially to one wire, i can see two 120 to make a 240 volt connection but for one lead going to pump being 266 volts, maybe this is why my overload trips once a day? any thoughts on electrical situation. thanx guys