Hello, I recently had a situation where my submersible pump quit pumping after less than 2 years following the installation. It's a vacation home that only gets used one weekend a month, so I don't have much run time on the system. The original installer came out and pulled the pump ( 2 HP, 10 gpm Flint and Walling almost 500' down, galvanized pipe). As they pulled it up they found that some of the pipe had no water in it. Turns out there were a couple of BB sized holes on the thread of a couple of the pipes, resulting in air pockets in the discharge pipe. There were 3 check valves installed, it was emptying out below one or more of them. Also, some of the couplings were loose. Once they had the pump up and test ran it, they could only get it to pump intermittently. They said the pump was bad, motor was good. My question is this: is it possible the air pockets in the discharge pipe damaged the pump? Also, does anyone have experience with galvanized pipe marked "Thailand"?. That's what I've got, is it inferior to U.S. made pipe?
Thanks, Al