Hello! first of all this week has been kind of rough on me. Dishwasher went out a few months back and the floor in my kitchen was ruined so i finally got around to getting someone to do an estimate to fix the floor, then my hot water heater goes out leaking everywhere. So now the kitchen,office and laundry room floor have to be replaced along with the hot water heater.

I had a "warranty" forced on me by the mortgage company that was supposed to fix any appliance that went bad , called them, thats a joke they wont pay to fix or replace ANYTHING. but thats another story!

Problem now is- my well sucks! We were getting 60psi two years ago, now its only getting 20psi to the guage.So we started replacing things!

we replaced the check valve, replaced the pressure switch,replaced the plunger/float or whatever that thing the guage sits on along with a new guage!

Put in All new pipe and fittings from the pump to the tank. No leaks under the house or anywhere else for that matter.

Guage still shows a max of 20 psi!

Im hoping im wrong, but sounds like the pump is on its way out doesnt it?[}]