I have 2 inch galvanized pipe and point about 25ft in the ground that elbows and goes 8 foot down to my 2hp Wayne centrifical pump in my basement. So, 2 inch galv from point to pump with a 2 inch brass check valve about 10 from the pump inlet.

Then it runs out from the pump thru a 1.5 inch T with a pressure guage on top and a reducer to 3/4 copper out the side which runs about 4 feet and is coupled by solder back into 1 inch copper that feeds my lawn sprinkling system. 8 zones, max 5 heads a zone.

My question is, my pressure gauge reads a steady 38 psi, which in my opinion is low for a 2hp pump. My neighbor has a 1.5 hp pump hooked to a 1.5 inch 24 ft well is has about 60 psi.

I have no leaks and I am drawing no sand from the well. The well is approximately 3 years old, I just put it in, pressure has always been at 38psi.

Any ideas how I could bump up my pressure?