I know this seems like a stupid question, but I've searched and looked at all kinds of diagrams for well systems and can't figure out where the motor is??? We have a very deep well in AZ, 440' deep. The water supply is an aquifer that supplies a nearby city, so there's no doubt about supply. We have a pressure tank system, but near as I can tell, we must have a submersible pump, because there's not a whole lot else above ground other than the control box, pressure valve, pressure switch and, of course, the water knob. So I had to have the pressure control box replaced last year, which consisted of the guy twisting a couple of wires and ten minutes of his time, but he charged me $300 labor. That seems a bit excessive to me, and quite frankly, scares me to death now that it seems the motor is going bad. I called a supply house here and they said to call a contractor. I want to at least know what to expect when the guy comes so I can call around to see what kind of a price I can get on getting this done. I'm no electrician, but I'm very sure I could have twisted and capped those damn wires if I had known he was going to charge me that much for it. I just can't figure out from any of these diagrams or drawings where the stupid motor is. Is it under the pump, part of the pump, or what? Thanks in advance for your patience with my ignorance. I just know it's better to have some clue when calling a repairman to do something to keep them from 'girling' me and charging me for something I don't need. Also, I am NOT going to try to do this myself, and my husband has the patience of a javelina in heat, so he's not doing it either, though I'm sure he is probably capable, given no frustrations.