This seems like the place for answers. Thank you in advance. I am developing a water harvesting (catchment) system in a drought prone area of southern New mexico. The shared well that is now used, is not always reliable and I am trying to become more independant. I currently catch rainwater into two 2500 gal. above ground tanks and I have diverted my main supply line (one inch PVC) to the tank location and capped it. I contemplate the purchase of a shallow well jet pump and a bladder tank to send water to my home when needed. I will manually valve off the well supply when this is necessary. I need to know the proper pump size (HP) and tank size. My home has bathrooms on two floors and I want to be sure we have enough pressure and volume from my tanks. Just my wife and I mostly, but we sometimes have guests. I've done some on-line research, but I would love to hear from experts. What more do I need to know? Am I on the right track?