I live in the great state of louisiana. HA, anyway, I have a shallow well on my place 25-35' I'm guessing, never checked, but anyway I have been here for 12 years and have had a occasional problem but hasn't been anything I couldn't fix, well guess what, I'm surely in a pickle now, I haven't a clue as to whats going on. I have guesses but that don't help much, Anyway, Here's the problem/s I noticed my pump had been running alot and went over to check and when I leaned on my tank (baffled tank) it kinda just leaned with me meaning it hasn't a drop of water in it. tank pressure was fine, but still dry. I do know also that if the power goes out for a while it will loose prime and the only way I have ever been able to reprime it is by dragging 300' of hose to my neigbors house and useing his water pressure and a hose attached to a spikit next to the pump and just let in run in until it finnaly catches up. major chore there. Anyway, I was wondering if maybe I have a bad leak in the main pipe going down in the well itself? The tank is a bit rusted around the bottom ring stand but thats about it. So sorry for the long post, probably could have made it shorter and made the same point, but I like to be specific on things like this. If there something i'm missing that would help just let me know, thank, D hunt[:-(] it has a 1 hp motor on top of the pump. not sure what kind of pump it is.