Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this situation as we are having trouble finding an appropriate solution due to some guidelines.

Long Story Short
We need a submersible pump to transfer Diesel from a storage tank (320,000 Liters Tank) to a set of day tanks that feed a set of Caterpillar Gensets. The storage tank is approx 40 Feet in Height and 20 meters in Diameter. Due to the Client’s environmental obligations, the Diesel shall be pumped from the top of the tank not from a typical nozzle at the bottom of the tank to prevent any possible leakage on the ground, which would cause huge reclamation cost. Our process engineers calculated the required size of the pump as follows

1) Required Flow rate: 48 GPM
2) Total pressure head: 187 ft
3) NPSHA: 38 ft
4) Operating temperature range (-50 C to 40 C)

Nozzle is a 12" opening that we need to drop the pump setting from. Assume the specific gravity of the Diesel is 0.9 and the maximum viscosity is 45 cP.

Any and all thoughts are welcome. If anyone has any experience with a similar application, some help would be muchly appreciated.