I have a 40 year old 2" well with a packer jet placed, I think, at 180'. The well is maybe 235 feet deep. I am trying to remember. 1 1/2 HP Teel pump. Used to put out about 5 or 6 gal/min. Last summer I noticed it was slowing down. Now it is only putting out maybe 1/2 gal/min.This is right off the pump, before it goes to the tank.The pressure drops when you open a valve and if you open it too far it will loose it's prime but if you open the valve a little you can keep it pumping. Its just pumping very little water . It will shut off but it takes forever.It takes about 15 gal of water to prime the pump. I used to be able to do it with 1 or 2. When you start the pump after after priming it you have suction on the suction side but when the pump starts pumping water comes out of the suction side. Meanwhile , the pressure on the gage has shot up to about 120#. It is supposed to be about 70 I think. Infact, it bent the needle on the old gage. So, do you think this is a clogged jet? Or a clogged screen? If so,is it possible to pump water down the well backwards and unclog the jet? The foot valve has been leaking for years and the well will hold its prime if I keep it turned on.I didn't want the pump to get damaged so I turned it off.