I purchase a small cottage on a half acre here in Ohio two years ago. I share the well on my property with two other homes. The next door neighbors are a man and woman, the other home has a man and woman with children and grandchildren that visit every weekend and have a boat to wash. I have a flower and veg garden to water. I have been paying the well pump elec bill for two years now and I want to start charging them by the year...when the well freezes or the pump needs repair they are make decisions with out consulting me or taking my suggestions into consideration and charging me for it..so I think it is time to start charging them for the elec bill that I am paying to run all of our homes. It cant be a whole lot but it adds up.

I have another situation...my neighbors want to build a new well cover to replace the old wooden cover that is too heavy to lift and does not insulate the pipes at all. They do not let me have any input in how this well is taken care of. I have discussed this with them and they say this will change. Anyway, when they build the new house over it, they say they want to insulate the pipes somehow. What is the best way to do this so I can have some input when this takes place? The opening is a square concrete hole about 4'x6'x2'D. The copper pipes lay on top of the dirt ground and everything is exposed. The current wood house looks like a box that sets on top with a slanted roofed top that someone threw together 40 years ago. Being a woman I don't want the new box to look ugly either. You can not hardly lift the current box and we need to have some type of doors on the new one. Also what type of heater or lamp do we need in there and what is that going to cost to run monthly?
We have had the well freeze three times now.