Hi All, We have been having trouble at our shop lately whenever someone runs any water in the building (flushing toilets or washing hands, etc) where the pump starts cycling very rapidly causing lights to flicker and everything. I went out to the pump house and here is what I found... There is a 1 1/2 hp pump with a 20-25 gal well x trol bladder tank attached. As best as I can tell the cut-in/out pressures are 40/60. I let all the pressure out of the system and the pressure in the tank was about 33 psi so I raised it to 38 psi (2 below the cut-in). This did not seem to change the problem with the cycling. My boss informed me that we had a problem earlier this winter where the light bulbs we use to keep the pump/tank enclosure above freezing had burnt out and we did lose water in the building for some time. Can freezing destroy the bladders inside these tanks, because I'm quite certain that the pressure switch on the pump is still working properly???