I am trying to increase the volume of water from my well.
Here is what I have. 4 inch steel casing 1 1/4 inch pickup 22 foot down the well. Pipe reduced to 1 inch then to 3/4 inch at well house.
The 3/4 inch line is plastic 50-60 feet to pump in the basement. pump is 3/4 hp 1 inch shallow well (26 ft. lift, 140ft suction, and 898 gph) Pressure tank is 30 gal with a 30-50 pressure switch. Free flow at the 1 in. at the well is 1.15 gpm, thru the pump in the basement free flow is 1.09 gpm. with the pump running 4.28 gpm.
The water volume drops off if I try to run the hose outside and the sinking the house. The well prduces 5 pounds pressuse in the house with out the pump so I don't think it is a well issue. More like a pump and or pipe size issue. Would 1 1/4 pipe to the pump help?This will be a spring or summer project now we have 3+ foot of snow on the ground and 10 Degrees for a hi today.
Thank you for your help.