our pump lost prime motor ran for a while and was warm when we found it and shut it off.removed pressure gauge and tried to prime about a quart no prime ,tried again and it primed ok charged the tank,close the ball valve and switched pump off.next day started the pump no prime again
tried to prime this time used 2 or 3 gallons of water and could not prime, the water was going back into well.let the pump run for a minute or 2 pulled the gauge and it had pulled a vacum in the pump housing this is a deep 2 pipe jet set up,
figured the foot valve must be open pulled the plastic tubing out of the well, when the jet and foot valve came out the foot valve was connected to the jet assey with no tale pipe.when it was layed on it's side 5 or 6 gallons of water came out of the pipes so it looks like the foot valve was ok.did find the vent hole in the well seal was pluged up tight.what do you fellows think,could this be the problem or should I look at the impeller in the pump it is a gould jet pump.sorry for being so windey but tried to cover everthing(note the foot valve and jet looked like it was just installed no build up)thanks in advance.