My house in Tampa Bay was built in the mid 50's. They put the well just outside the back wall of the garage and put the jet pump inside the garage (likely in the 60's). To turn it on and off we have always used the breaker box. I do not believe it was used hardly at all until I bought this house. For the twelve or so years we've been here the pump has worked OK but I noticed it was decreasing in GPM and making "noise" over time and especially recently. In the early years it might have been cycling off and on when the hose was shut off.
One day would not work and was no air in the tank that sits atop the pump. I tried pumping air into it to about 40# but that didn't help, LOL.
There is a galvanized metal pipe supplying the pump that is about 1 3/4 inches wide, out horizontally from the pump to a "cleanout" type of plug, then straight down to the well.
We use this well pump for a hose to hand water only. It doesn't supply the house or any sprinklers.
I've been told neighbors have had theirs replaced with 1/2HP units if for just a hose. I am having a problem getting info on if I need a tank or not, or what type of pump and good brand of pump. This SHOULD be a simple replacement but my brain got in on it. Thanks, pumpers!
Tom Clark in St. Pete FL