I have the simar 3/4 horse well pump. Pump is in my Basement. It stopped sending water. The guy who installed it left no info. Also Next to it is a pressure can ...about 10 gallon size, How can I find out what the pressure should be at? Its sitting around 10-15 psi. Could low pressure be cause of water loss? Day before yesterday had lost water, yesterday it was working fine, then today again no water. Yes the well has lots. When I turn pump on, there is no change in the sound. The sound is same as always. No new hum or buzz.
Ive already checked for clogs, cant find any. Im guessing the pressure being low can do this? Theres a full-on water treatment system that the pump feeds. The Well is about 36ft deep, about 16 ft of water, and is about 25ft from where the pump sits. Hope ive given enough info. Any Help would be great. thanks.