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Thread: pressure tank in well

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    pressure tank in well

    Well i gave up on driving a point. Got an estimate on having a well drilled. They are offering me one where i could have the pressure tank under ground in the well itself. Anyone know how well these work? Is it a good idea to have them in the well or would having one in the house be better?

    Also they said that although they could not guarantte the best drinking water that they could guantee it would be better than the yellow iron tasting water i have now withe the sand point. Do you think the water will truly be better . They are talking about going down like 250ft. Right now i am only at about 25ft.

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    Whether the water can be better at 250 instead of 25 is hard to tell. The Driller would be the best one to know. He has the experience in your area.

    I am not fond of the tank in well idea. They are new and I haven't heard anything good or bad about them. I prefer to have as many things accessible as possible. I assume he will be using it in conjunction with a Cycle Stop Valve, because the drawdown on those tanks can't be much.


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    In the Well tanks work great when used with a Cycle Stop Valve. They do not do any good when used with a Variable Speed Pump. However, I do not suggest that you use an In the Well tank with a valve at this time. I have several patents on this design. In Well tanks paid their royalty or licence fee to me for several years. After they stopped paying this license fee, they lost their license to produce and sell this product. This puts everyone who purchases or installs one of these units in a potential patent infringement problem.

    There is another way to install a tank in the well with a Cycle Stop Valve that IS covered under a patent license agreement. See this link;

    Cycle Stop Valve Website

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