I know anything about pumps or wiring. But I hope some of you can help me at least understand how and what I would need to do to solve my problem.

I have a pond that is around 150' to 200' away from a source of electricity that I was wondering if I could run an extension cord to or would I need to run a regular line from the meter box and I'd like to pump water from it to between 200 to 400 yards away. I would say there would be a total up slope of 10 or 15 feet above the pump, probably less but using that would be safe. Also how far can the end of the intake source be away from the pump?

I was thinking about attadhing the intake out into the pond with floats where it would always have plenty of pretty clear deep water.

I would eventually like to hook the water into a drip irrigation system. One I was looking at requires 25 psi but I dont know if it could be expanded into a system an evenutually larger system which I might want to do. At this point I am not so much worrying about a drip system as just getting water over there. I could get by with 5 or 10 gpm but 20 to 30 or more would be better in the long-term. If a got a pump capable of a larger flow would it be possible to turn it down when the larger amount would not be necesary?

I would also perfer some kind of flexible hosing that could be moved around if necesary.

When I go to stores no one seems to know what I need or if what I want is even possible. Or what I need to do make it work someway.

Thanks in advance for your help.