We've got an old farm well with a 4" casing,
water at 30', total depth 60'. Its not potable
water and has been used as the water source for
a pond.

The submersible pump failed, but we can't get
it out. There is some kind of obstruction about
18" above the pump and that's as high as it
can be lifted using human, pulley, or pickup
truck as the lifting source. The 1 and 1/4"
black plastic pipe parted about 5' under water
(there apparently was a splice in it) when
we attempted to lift it using the pipe.

So I've got a dead pump with about 25' of plastic
water pipe rising up the casing and blocking any
attempt to put a new submersible pump into the
well. Any ideas on how to get that old pipe out
of there?