My tank loses pressure after about 24 or 36 hours of use.Then I have to use the lever on the switch to reprime the pump.The tank cuts off at about 60 lbs. and I'm ok for another day or two.Sometimes I can use a lot of water after this procedure,sometimes I don't use more than 100 this ok period.Should I replace the switch (contacts,etc)or is my problem in the pressure tank?When holding the lever to fill the pressure tank bladder,it seems to fill at a normal rate and will switch on as the pressure drops to 30 lb.It's only after 24-48 hours the pressure goes to zero.It's a 30 gal.tank with bladder and a 1/2 h.p. submersible pump setting 88 ft,deep in a 100 foot well.The tank is 30 yrs. old,the pump 12 yrs. old.It's not a lack of water as the well makes 17 gal a minute and has water from 24 feet down.sometimes I've noticed that I have to hold the lever and release several times before the contacts kick in on the switch to begin filling tank.