We have been experiencing a water pressure problem and after talking to a friend of mine, he felt pretty confident that the problem was my pressure tank because I only had a 20 gallon and I just added an 2nd story bathroom (2 baths total now). He thought I probably had a leak in the bladder.

I replaced the tank and all the fittings, gauges, etc yesterday with an 86 gallon tank. I am still not getting pressure. It keeps running down to about 20 lbs on the guage (30/50 pressure switch). I set the air pressure at 28# which seems to be right based on everything I have read.

The well was put in in 2001. It is very shallow (about 30 ft) because they all they could get. It has a 1/2 hp pump which was new at the same time. The GPM was not really great at the time we had it inspected (don't remember the number though) but we have never experienced any pressure problems in the time we have lived here (3 yrs).

Now I am leaning toward thinking the problem is somewhere at the well. Any thoughts on what the problem might be and how to best diagnose it? I appreciate any advice you might have.