I have an 18' deep driven point with a 3/4 hp jet pump and a 20 gallon H2oW bladder tank in my basement that has been acting up lately.
My pressure switch is set at 30-50 yet the pressure drops to around 20 psi when the pump has been running for several minutes and filling the bathtub or a small wading pool takes forever and the water reduces to something above a trickle. If the water is on for only a couple of minutes the pressure seems ok, but anything over that and it drops significantly. Makes taking a shower unpleasent!
Also, every time I flush the toilet which is a 1.5 gallon water saver, the pump kicks on. Didn't used to do that!
The main water line from the pump out to the rest of the house is 3/4" and the water line from the point to the pump is 1 and 1/4 or 1 and 1/2 inches.
I have tried to check the air pressure on the tank but the valve seems to be stuck and won't work.
Not sure what is going on here. Any suggestions would help.