I live on a farm (on top of a hill)and have inherited a plumbing system that while functional I believe could be much more efficient. I have attached an image while not to scale hopefully gives you an idea of what I am into. the main house sits approx. 300 feet above the city tap there is about 2000' of 1" line from the house to the tap. there is enough pressure from the city line to feed the main house but not very well. So there is a pump in the house. From there a 1" line feeds a barn and then Tees to a guest house. The guest house also has a pump (a 3/4 hp Grundfos) For the most part pressure is ok at both house occasionally when some one is washing clothes at the main house and some one is taking a shower at the guest house the water pressure falls a bit. But occasionally the guest house will loose water all together for no apparent reason (nobody using water anywhere else). If you will note in the diagram at the main house there is a homemade storage tank on the city side of the pump. Which I believe may be the culprit of some of the water loss problems and dont think that it adds any value to the system at least on that side of the pump. If anybody has any comments or any suggestions on what to do to improve the situation I would appreciate it. Please look at the diagram as It will make most of what I am writing clearer.


Image: [img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] water.jpg