I have a jet pump, bladder tank, and shallow well. The pump has been hesitating to turn on, and all this started a couple of weeks ago, but has been getting worse. The best way to explain it is that originally, the pump would just click on when necessary. Now, the pump will sound like it is kicking on, but doesn't right away. It started where it would just kick once then turn on, but now it will trigger 10+ times before it will kick on. Between each sound is only about a half of a second. Previous to all this starting, too much water had been used and the pump was having problems pulling water from the well (unfortunately this is fairly normal for me and the solution is usually to shut off the pump for 5 to 10 hours then it works just fine). This last time it happened, I lost all air pressure in the tank and had to use a compressor to add air to the tank. Does the problem I'm having now have something to do with the amount of air in the tank, or is this an entirely different problem? Do I need to add air, let out air, maybe a bad switch? Please help???
Thank you!!