I have an old hand dug well on my property it is 3'-6" in dia. 50' deep. depth of water ranges from 20'-30'and puts out about 50 gpms.I would like to install a submersible pump and pressure tank.The total lift from pump to house is 85' the problem is that its almost 1900' from electric panel to pump.I have been told so many different things as to what size pump and wire to use.I was told by one person at an electrical supply store that a #2 urd direct burial aluminum wire would run a 3/4 or 1 hp 240 volt pump.another guy told me that would'nt work because the pump draws three times more amps at startup than when running.I would like to have good pressure and around 10 gpms at an outside hydrant at the house.one other option i have is to have the electric co. run service from a pole about 400' away and put a meter at the well.I was thinking i could build a pump house and have the pressure tank there at the well.Any and all information will be appreciated.