Well we put the new pump in, great to have water after 8 days. The pump, pumps more water than I thought was Possible. After our last pump, it is a great improvement. We have a CSV, My question is, can I put the csv in the well casing and then go to the rest of my plumbing? Also my pressure tank is a 42 gal. air tank, so if I have a pressure relief valve in line behind the pressure switch do I still need a air volume control, which they say goes in at the half way outlet on the tank. Nother Question that I have is,, The new pump specs. are 10 gpm. Ok then you go to where it says at 60 ft deep and its 16 gpm, so whats up, is it 10 or 16. If its 16, than I would like to know how I can get my truck to go uphill and use less fuel than on the flat. Todd