I am delighted to have foudn this forum, and hope you can help me. I have a dug well at a country cabin. Water depth is perhaps 10 feet (maybe 8 feet from top of water to jet pump inlet). I have a Crafstman 3/4 horsepower shallow well jet pump, which seems to work fine once it is primed and going (I have to drain it in the winter). The pump is connected to a 1 1/4 inch plastic pipe that runs down into the well and has a foot valve at the bottom. My problem is that the plastic parts in the pump - the impeller and the piece that fits over it wear out every two years or so. That is, the joint where some parts fit together, one part plastic and one part a metal, maybe brass, bearing collar set in a plastic part, seem to abrade and fit sloppily, preumably because of sand or silt. My question is, would I be better off puttinig a submersible pump down into the well. l. Would the submersible pump handle any silt better; and 2.would my life be easier in draining and refilling the system, since the pump would not have to be drained and reprimed. If you can handle another question, this cabin has one kitchn and one bath, and does not get heavy water demand generally. Woudl a 1/2 h/p 110 v submersible do for this, or should it be heavier.
Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.
David Diamond