i just drove a sand point 10ft + the point which makes it 13 feet in the ground.
I dropped a string the pipe and there seems to be 4 feet of water in it.

I can pump it with a hand pump , but i tried 2 Different shallow well pumps and can not get it to pump.? Any ideas?

I put a tee in at the top of the vertical pipe with a plug on top and primed the pipe down the pipe , started the pump and once it stated pumpiing water i put the plug on the pipe. . The shallow well pump pumped water for 6 hours straight and the water was running clear. but the flow did not seem like it was very strong. ( had a short 4ft 1 inch pipe on the outgoing side. ) i would have thought it should be a really strong 1 inch stream coming out, but it wasn't you could maybe fill 3-4 gallons of water in a minute. the pump said it should pump 12 gallons per minute.

and to make matters worse as soon as you unplug the pump it loses the prime in the pipe. . i have a new check valve on it and the pump says it is self priming once it is filled with water.

I did drive the is same point down in another spot last year and pulled it out of that spot because the water had too much iron in it. Can it be a bad point?

Any help woul be appreciated.