Hi, hoping someone can help, with hopefully not so bad info. I have a Goulds sprinkler above ground pump, I think 1HP. I have a small pressure tank and a switch set to keep pressure between 30 and 50 psi. My valves are on timer and come on in the morning. The water source is a pond about 40 feet from the pump. The morning of the problem, the sprinklers ran fine. I run rainbirds at about 35 psi so the pump doesn't cycle on/off. In the late afternoon, I heard the pump turning on and making a loud buzzer type noise, but it didn't sound like the motor was running. It did this for maybe 10 seconds and would turn off. I shut down the power to the pump after I heard this. At this point, the pump was hot to the touch. In the past, a few times I've lost prime with a problem in the supply line, and the pump would turn on and run constantly until I turned it off and fixed the problem, but the pump was running with a normal sound. This system and pump is only 1 1/2 years old, ran daily 5 months out of the year, shut down the rest of the year. I'm fairly knowledgeable about system setup, etc, but don't know much about motors and how they work internally. The instruction manual wasn't too helpful. Any info you could pass on would be great. Hoping the pump isn't shot.