I have an old well that has been out of service for 25+ years. I would like to put it back in service to fill and supply water to a fish pond I had built back in the spring. What I have to go by is, a 2 1/4" galvanized casing comming out of the ground with about a 1" solid steel rod going down through the casing, and I feel sure it has a packer on the end of the rod. What I would like to do is, pull the rod and packer, and replace it with a jet pump above the ground if this would work. The well is approx 60+ feet deep and was setup back in the late 50's. I plan to pull the rod and packer later this week when I have some help. I should have better info then if needed.

Will there be a smaller casing down inside the 2 1/4" casing that the packer operates in?

I read on here where the suction line on a jet pump should not be smaller than the threaded inlet port on the pump. Could the return line be smaller?

What all would I need to make a jet pump work in this case, if it will work at all.

I am new to all this, and would appreciate any help you could spare.