My saga with water continues.........My 80'well went dry a year or so ago, and with Bob and some other folks help, I got a cistern set up and was hauling water from town. The drought seemed over and the well started producing again, just in time for the pump to seize. I was gonna' replace the pump myself,but my home warranty co. agreed to pay for replacing the pump so I had the well co. hang a new 1/2 hp sub in the well, about 1.5-2 mo. ago. For the last 2 months or so,everything was working great and the well was keeping the cistern full,(the well fills the cistern-the cistern supplies the house), until last week.
I looked at it today, and the pumtec didn't have any power getting to it. It seems that the main breaker is tripping. I reset it and it trips within a few seconds! I have a pumptec on the well, and I'm not sure why it isn't interrupting the power instead of the main breaker??? It is a 3 wire 230v 1/2 hp sub with a pumptec and a control box. Sorry I don't know the brand of the pump, but could find out. Any ideas, how can I troubleshoot the situation?