System develops 50 psi and flows 5 qts of water in 18 sec. ( 4 gpm )as it drops to 40 psi. The pump starts and flows 2.5 qts for 10 sec. ( 3.75 gpm )at just under 40 psi. Then psi drops to 15 psi and the pump gets noisy like it's cavitating and flow drops to 1 qt in 10 sec. ( 1.5 gpm ).


- Model SDAT2 20 gal ( 16"D x 26"H ) vertical bladder tank installed horizontally below the pump.
- Tait Mfg Co Rapidayton Model 5CA deep well jet pump with 1/2 HP motor. Pump is original motor 5 yrs old.
- Suction mnpt-barb fitting is in a 1-1/4" x 1" bushing at the pump.
- Two 1" black plastic lines go through the basement wall. Somewhere between there and the casing adapter, the suction line increases to 1-1/4".
- The two lines connect to barb-mnpt fittings, threaded into 90s and what looks like a Sta-Rite Model J216-21 vertical casing adapter.
- The casing or packer adapter sits on top of a 2" galv well casing, installed in the 1960's, with no pitless adapter.


- Is my expansion tank too small or can I reduce the problem with a larger capacity unit?
- If I remove the casing adapter to inspect it, the drop pipe, foot valve and screen, can I replace it with a comparable vert/hor one, or does it have a jet of some kind mated to the pump? I'd like to increase the pump to a 3/4 or 1 HP for more output.
- Will I clean the well screen by surging and pumping/bailing, or how can I remove and replace it?
- Are there any other components on the drop pipe, packers, leathers or injectors, between the casing adapter and foot valve?
- Can you direct me to illustrations and instructions on 2" wells and
pitless adapters?
- After determining static level and well depth, how can I determine the well production rate?
- In our area of Michigan, the soil is sandy and wells are 25 - 70'. I'd like to get a new well with a submersible, but can't afford it at this time. If you can give me an idea of the expense involved, I might be able to afford having a driller pull my drop pipe and redevelop the well, but I'll also need to have a pitless adapter installed. Any estimates or references for the Clarkston area?

Thanks in advance and your forum is truly an incredible service.